In My House – Working with The AntiMA

In My House – The AntiMa Written by Abigail Miller (@abigailmillerstudio) https://www.abigailmillerstudio.co.uk/inmyhouse4 (online archive) https://www.abigailmillerstudio.co.uk/inmyhouse4-1 (blog post)  The purpose of my curatorial project ‘In My House’ was to explore the alternative exhibition space; to stretch the capabilities of a domestic environment and how art could exist within it. I worked with The AntiMa on the fifthContinue reading “In My House – Working with The AntiMA”

IN MY HOUSE – Working with CiR Abigail Miller.

Still in our first year, the AntiMA class of 2020 had only met together as a group twice before the Covid 19 restrictions profoundly affected our plans for the year ahead. Although our projects for the year ahead were cancelled, including a timetable of workshops, and two group exhibitions, our commitment to collaboration and communityContinue reading “IN MY HOUSE – Working with CiR Abigail Miller.”

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